Nordscreen database

The NordScreen database is an online platform that presents performance indicators from Nordic population-based cancer screening programmes. The current version of the application was made using PowerBI software from Microsoft.

The software platform allows the user to choose the indicators by country, 5-year age groups, calendar year and time interval (1–10.5 years). Furthermore, the data are presented both in graphical and tabular form.

Internet Explorer users should have version 9 or newer installed.

Recommended reference:

Partanen VM, Anttila A,Heinävaara S, Pankakoski M, Sarkeala T, Bzhalava Z, Elfström KM, Trope A, Skare GB, Thorsteinsdottir R, Agustsson AI, Veerus P, Koreinik L, Dillner J, Lönnberg S. NordScreen: Performance indicators on cancer screening in the Nordic countries, Version 1.1 (15.5.2019). eHealth Core Facility, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institutet. Available from, accessed on day/month/year.