Nordscreen database

The NORDSCREEN database is an internet application that presents performance and outcome indicators from Nordic population-based cancer screening programmes. NORDSCREEN will be providing access to standardised summary data with graphics and tabulation functions. The application is built on Highcharts platform.

In the current version of the application users can choose between countries (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) and create graphs on cervical cancer test coverage by calendar year, follow-up time, or age.

Internet Explorer users should have version 9 or newer installed.

Recommended reference:

Lönnberg S, Dillner J, Elfström M, Bzhalava D, Bzhalava Z, Sarkeala T, Heinävaara S, Anttila A. NORDSCREEN: Performance and outcome of cancer screening in the Nordic countries, Version 1.0 (1.6.2016). NIASC Nordic Center of Excellence in Health-related eSciences. Karolinska Institutet. Available from, accessed on day/month/year.